Congratulations, Giveaway Winners!

As you may know, we had a couple of raffles to kick off the launch of Sotto Voce this week, AND WE HAVE SOME WINNERS TO ANNOUNCE!

First, courtesy of Interlude Press, we have five Goodreads winners of print editions of Sotto Voce: Chavi68, Christy, Jessica, Marissa and Rivka! Your books are in the mail TODAY.

IP also sponsored an eBook giveaway on Rafflecopter. I accidentally hit "winner" twice, so we have TWO winners! Congratulations, Becky and Chloe! We'll be emailing you multi-format eBooks of Sotto Voce today!

I also hosted a couple of extra giveaways on my own...

First, the winner of a signed print edition from our launch party back in July, Carolyn—your book and an extra goodie or two are in the mail today!

And another eBook, after the Rafflecopter giveaway ended a day early, goes to...

And finally, our big winner of a wine tour of Sonoma and Napa goes to....

(drum roll...)

CONGRATULATIONS!! We'll be make plans to visit some of the sites (wineries) and scenes (wine bars) that inspired Sotto Voce!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and remember that there are still eBook (and Barnes and Noble gift card) giveaways as part of my book tour! And conveniently, what did I find on B& this morning?

Yup, the winner can use that nifty gift card to buy the book (...and more)!