am writing

Moving On...

After months of sporadic research, I'm finally deep into writing Book #2. The sophomore effort has been a struggle at times, not because of the dreaded writer's block, but because it's been difficult to spend enough time writing to establish the rhythm I need to make any real progress. It's a thing. 

Each time I thought I was ready to start, with a story framed, themes outlined, character names determined, something would come along to make me rethink it, question it, reframe it.

As is my habit, I'm writing a story that is at least partially set in California, but not entirely. And it's that "not entirely" that has been my hiccup, I think. If I'm going to write about something, I like to experience it for myself. It's a good thing I'm not a science fiction writer.

So thank you to the airline that just announced a new nonstop route with the rockin' fare sale. I'm renewing my passport, and I'm hitting the road.