Convention Season

It's that time of year.  

The birds are singing. The orange trees are blossoming. The American Express bill is expanding, drooping under the girth of travel expenses.

Welcome to the start of convention and book fair season in the publishing industry. Now through fall is a virtual sprint through vetting, 

It's no secret that I pull double duty at Interlude Press, and the convention season poses real challenges for me. The company comes first, and that means sacrificing some opportunities as an author and acting as a de facto assistant while others get their promo on. The schedule is tight through June, and I'll be working—either as an author or a publisher—at BookCon, ALA, RT17, the LA Times Festival of Books, YALLWEST and Emerald City Comic Con. 

A breather after that, and then it starts again in fall. I'll see you at the book fairs!