It's All About the M&M's

No, not M/M’s. We’re talking candies, not genre fiction, even if I am at #RT16 right now. Now, it was the delectable little morsels, and a conventioneer’s reaction to them that put a smile on my face this afternoon.

You see, I had made a giveaway basket for Sotto Voce, since it will be several months before Luchador—which was announced just yesterday—will be released. There’s some Syrah I had bottled, of course, and a second bottle filled with dark chocolate M&Ms and sealed with my brand corks—the same logo you see on the cover of Sotto Voce, a Claddagh made of inverted treble clefs.

I was strolling along this line of basket after basket, and a stranger, a reader according to her conference name tag, puled alongside me and said how much she liked one basket with bottles. “Booze?” I asked. “Yes, but I don’t drink. But someone bottled some M&M’s!”

She struggled to remember the author’s name. I told her not to worry. I had a pretty good idea who it was.

Sotto Voce is currently available in the Goody Room at #RT16.