It's All About the M&M's

No, not M/M’s. We’re talking candies, not genre fiction, even if I am at #RT16 right now. Now, it was the delectable little morsels, and a conventioneer’s reaction to them that put a smile on my face this afternoon.

You see, I had made a giveaway basket for Sotto Voce, since it will be several months before Luchador—which was announced just yesterday—will be released. There’s some Syrah I had bottled, of course, and a second bottle filled with dark chocolate M&Ms and sealed with my brand corks—the same logo you see on the cover of Sotto Voce, a Claddagh made of inverted treble clefs.

I was strolling along this line of basket after basket, and a stranger, a reader according to her conference name tag, puled alongside me and said how much she liked one basket with bottles. “Booze?” I asked. “Yes, but I don’t drink. But someone bottled some M&M’s!”

She struggled to remember the author’s name. I told her not to worry. I had a pretty good idea who it was.

Sotto Voce is currently available in the Goody Room at #RT16.

Coming in November: "Luchador"

A busy, busy, busy week at RT16, so I’m just catching up, including on a big announcement — the remainder of the IP 2016 calendar, which includes my next book, “Luchador”.

More details to come, but it’s one I’ve been tinkering with for a few years, and I’m excited to set it free: a story of identity, and a man’s coming of age as a gay exótico wrestler in Mexico City’s professional lucha libre leagues. It’s a fascinating world where sport, storytelling, performance art, and business collide. I can’t wait to share it.

See you at #RT16!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the RT Booklovers' Convention in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks! I won't be signing at the book fair this year (still a few months before the next book comes out), but I will be hanging out at the Interlude Press Publisher's Spotlight, the Small Press panel and around the convention in general. And if you haven't read Sotto Voce yet? IP will be giving away copies in the Goody Room and at its Publisher's Spotlight! Drop by, say hi, and I'll sign it for you!